Free Testing at Inner Greatness Centers

Something else quite special that we offer at every Inner Greatness Center (IGC) is that you can have a free test for any of the IGC programs and services.

We have 2 different kinds of free testing. Each one has a different purpose.

Online Assessments

The first group is a set of self-assessments that you take right here on the site to help give you a reality check and quantification of how you are doing with your personal development and wellness. There are versions of the assessments you can take if you are or will be working with us at an Inner Greatness Center. There are also versions of the assessments for people who aren’t near an Inner Greatness Center but who can take advantage of our online resources. All of these assessments are free with your free membership to this web site,. You can see an index of all of the assessments here – Free Assessments index

Free Testing at Inner Greatness Centers

The second type of free testing is something that we do at the Inner Greatness Centers. This is done using a special form of muscle response testing called Intuition Testing or simply muscle testing. This is a special method of testing to see what the innate wisdom of your body can tell us about your situation. We us this kind of test to determine whether the QEO or the Pure Awareness Techniques or both are going to be helpful to you, and if so how helpful. We can quantify how much something is likely to help and how much it actually does end up helping by testing again at the end of the session.

Various versions of muscle response testing are starting to be used even at leading hospitals in the USA and other countries. Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., Sc.D., Professor, New York Medical College, and founder of the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test (BDORT) teaches his method that his web site says is a simple, safe, effective, noninvasive and inexpensive ways to improve health and longevity for people of all ages. Acccording to his website, some people have had amazing benefits from this method. There is extensive video footage with demonstrations and explanations about the research done on this testing method at Dr. Omura’s web site at

The testing method used at the Inner Greatness Centers is similar. It should be understood that such muscle response testing has a significant subjective element to it and it’s usefulness is dependent on the training and skill level of the person doing the testing. Our Inner Greatness Center Coaches are highly trained to use Intuition Testing in simple applications. Similar to Dr. Omura’s work in this field, the IGC use of Intuition Testing seems to be is a simple, safe, effective, noninvasive and inexpensive ways to improve wellness for people of all ages.

Why do we offer free testing?

These free tests determine if the new technologies used at the IGC are likely to help you and to what extent they are likely to help. This testing isn’t a guarantee that the program or service will work for you but it’s a very good indicator of the probability of whether it will or not. And if it tests that it is likely to help, additional free testing can determine to what extent it is likely to be helpful.

How does it work?

We use a refined process of testing your body’s muscle responses to different stimuli. What we have found is that it is much better to check the body’s wisdom about how it will respond to a particular process than to ask the mind. The body doesn’t lie but the mind certainly can and does.

How can we do this?

We are so confident in our new technologies and the accuracy of our free testing method as well as the excellent training of our staff that it’s well worth the short time it takes to do this kind of testing. We don’t want to waste your time or money having you do something that isn’t likely to work for you. And it also is good for us as we keep our reputation high. This is because we only treat people who test that it is very likely going to help them. This keeps our success rate very high and our clients very happy. They tell their friend about the great results that they get at their local IGC and how well they are treated there. And on the occasion that it tests that one of our services or programs is NOT likely to work for someone, they appreciate that we have the integrity not to give them something that isn’t likely to work. People like that and all of this helps us to serve our clients better and continue to build our already excellent reputation.

We offer and encourage people to contact us to arrange for free testing for any of our services and programs. Come on in and check it out or come to a free introductory presentation. You’ll learn some fascinating things and there’s no obligation.

Contact us at an Inner Greatness Center near you – Locations



Intuition testing is in no way intended to replace conventional medical diagnosis or treatment for any disease or medical condition. Inner Greatness Centers are wellness centers. We do not practice medicine. We support our clients in taking responsibility for their own heath and wellness decisions. Our focus is on stress reduction methods that are producing scientifically proven results.

You are welcome to use both the Free Assessments and also come into your local IGC for free Intuition Testing of any of the IGC services. You can use the self-assessments on line any time and it’s good to do them every 6 months or at a frequency that suits you so that you can see your progress over time.

The free testing is available for all of the IGC programs and session types. Each session starts with a test to determine if it is going to be useful and just how much it is likely to be useful in reducing the stresses that are causing your problem or in optimizing some process or function that needs an upgrade. The testing also determines which of our technologies and techniques will be the most likely to provide an effective solution. This process takes very little time but it helps us to make sure that we use the right approach that your body knows responds to positively.  You can take advantage of the free testing by scheduling an appointment at your local IGC. Please see –


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