Inner Greatness Assessments Index

(All of these Assessments are free with your membership to this site)

These self-assessments can help you get a reality check on how you are doing with different areas of your personal development and wellness.

They are completely free and you can take them periodically and then see your progress on your private profile page. At the end of each assessment you’ll get recommendations for how to improve that aspect of your life that the self-assessment you have just taken measures. Your results will be available to you any time in your private results report page. So then you can take an assessment again after each time you do something to upgrade yourself and see how much you have progressed from the work you have done.

Many of the Inner Greatness Assessments are now available. More are coming. They are organized in 4 categories. Some of the assessments are similar but with small differences especially in the suggested resources sections of your personal Results pages.

The 4 categories and the assessments in each category are listed below. Which assessment you take will depend upon where you are going to utilize the IGO resources for helping you to improve your life and improve your assessment score(s). If you do not live near an Inner Greatness Center location take the version of the assessment from IGO Assessments or Inner Greatness Energy Drops Assessments. You can access each assessment by just clicking on it’s name.

IGO Assessments
1 Emotional Competence Assessment
2 Awaken Your Inner Greatness Assessment
3 Extraordinary Performance Assessment
4 Extraordinary Relationships Assessment
5 Heartbreak Assessment
5 Depression Assessment
6 Anxiety Assessment
7 Nightmares and PTSD Assessment
8 Stress Assessment
 9 (online) Chronic Pain Assessment
Inner Greatness Energy Drops Assessments
10 Air pollution stress assessment
11 Focus and Presence Assessment
12 Mobile Phone Radiation Stress Assessment
13 Addiction Reality Check Assessment
Inner Greatness Center Assessments
14 Air pollution stress assessment
15 Blood Pressure Assessment   –  Blood Pressure Assessment  Step 2
16 Chronic Pain Assessment
17 Limited Range of Motion Assessment
18 Mobile Phone Radiation Stress Assessment
19 Focus and Presence Assessment
20 Extraordinary Performance Assessment
21 12 Causes of Human Problems Assessment
22 12 Traumas Assessment
23 12 Fears Assessment
24 12 Habits Assessment
25 12 Freedoms Assessment
Corporate Program Assessments
26 Extraordinary Leadership Assessment
27 Extraordinary Selling Assessment
28 Extraordinary Presenting Assessment


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