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Inner Greatness Global is a group of companies that are dedicated to removing the pain of the world and helping people access and live the full expression of their inner greatness. We are doing that by providing training in new techniques that are the next generation of emotional competence technology. This new technology is called the Pure Awareness Techniques. You can learn these techniques and begin to resolve you emotional pain by using our innovative Inner Guidance App.

In addition, we have another extraordinary technology for resolving physical pain that is called the Quantum Energy Optimizer (QEO). You can have sessions with the QEO to get rid of the stresses that cause Chronic Pain, Limited Range of Motion, Inability to Focus, Allergic Reactions, Poor absorption and utilization of nutrients, Mobile Phone Radiation Stress and other problems. You can check out the various applications of both the QEO and the Pure Awareness Techniques which as also called the Inner Greatness Optimizing Techniques (IGO Techniques) – here – Programs and Services.

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You can meet our team here – Our Team

The programs using the QEO and IGO Techniques are available at our Inner Greatness Centers. –  Locations

To book a session for free testing to see how these extraordinary new technologies can help you see – Need Help?

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