Improved Reading Speed and Comprehension

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The same procedure is used as for the Rapid Personal Productivity Upgrade. The process significantly improves the ability to read and comprehend more quickly and with much less effort, automatically improving test results and overall academic performance. In this free test you will very likely experience immediately the kind of improvement that this process will have for improving your reading speed and comprehension.

What to expect:

For people who really have difficulty with focusing, the process can have immediate and dramatic results. Reading speed and comprehension may improve so dramatically that it is immediately obvious.

Other who have this problem but who also have developed the ability to compensate for it may not experience as much contrast as others who really struggle with focusing have. It is still possible to determine if the process will be helpful using our special muscle testing procedures. People who don’t obviously read faster do often report that the meaning of what’s read does seem to “flow in” more easily. They also find that if they have had a tendency to be distracted and not complete tasks that these problems are significantly reduced.

This process only requires one session. This is the same as the program for improving personal productivity and academic performance. The session takes about 25 minutes. The free test determines in a few moments if you have this problem and if our process is likely to help.

For service fees check with your local IGC.

This post is also available in: Chinese (Simplified)

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