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This unique app is designed to allow you to guide yourself through a series of audio instructions for doing the Pure Awareness Techniques. Each technique has it’s own series of audio instructions. In order to have the audio instructions play smoothly without interruption the software is set to download the full sequence of audio clips into the cache of your computer. If you use an older browser such as Internet Explorer 9 or earlier you may have to re-download the clips in order for them to play without interruption. This may also be true for some of the older mobile browsers as well. So you’ll get the best results from using a modern browser. Just click on the DOWNLOAD button for each technique to activate it.

This download process may take less than a minute but can take up to several minutes per technique depending on the speed of your internet connection. If your connection is good it will be pretty fast. There’s a download progress circle so you can continuously see what percentage of the files have been downloaded. However, once the audio clips are downloaded into the cache of your computer they should play perfectly.

The process of storing the audio files in the cache of your computer works very well on modern browsers. If you use an older browser such as Internet Explorer 9 or earlier, you may have to download the clips each time you use the app. That’s not so practical so it might make more sense to just update to a more modern browser.

It is highly recommended that you download all of the audio clips for the techniques listed at the beginning of the application such as Depression or Anxiety, etc. When all of the audio clips have been successfully downloaded the techniques are then “activated” and ready to use.

There are in all only 7 techniques that are used in the applications. They are –

In addition the audio instructions for each Technique are available in both female and male voices so you can take your pick of which you prefer.

There are two additional techniques that you can learn called the Quietness Technique and the Wholeness Technique. These are not used in most of the applications but you may find them enjoyable on their own. Here are links to the pages about these two additional techniques.

Detailed descriptions of each of the techniques is available here – the Pure Awareness Techniques.

There are also three more techniques that don’t require being guide through them that you can learn about from the Pure Awareness Techniques page just mentioned.

The instructions for each application explain how to get in touch with the “energy” of the emotion that needs to be resolved. Once you can feel the energy field of the emotion you start the technique instructions by clicking or tapping on the button labeled “START,” The button will then change to the word NEXT and you advance through the audio instructions by clicking on the button for each new instruction.

                                            start-button                  next-button

Each time you click the NEXT button you get the next audio instruction for that technique. This allows you to get the next instruction at your own timing. You take whatever time you need to do each instruction and have the resulting experience. Then when you are ready for it you click for the next instruction.

Each technique has an introductory web page that prepares you for using the app. To access any of the techniques and use the Inner Guidance App just click on the appropriate link below. You will find on the preparation pages links to various options for that technique such as hearing the instructions in a male or female voice or hearing them in a different languages. We will be adding additional languages over the months ahead.

Access to and use of the Inner Guidance App is free but it is limited to members of this web site. If you have not yet registered for a free membership for this site you can do so here –

Free Membership Registration

Here are the Inner Guidance App techniques arranged by type of voice (male or female) –


The main Pure Awareness Techniques that are used frequently are the IN, OUT and LOCATE Techniques. In order to assist you in using them to upgrade the quality of your life we have put them into the context of using them to resolve specific problems such as getting rid of the stresses that create depression, anxiety, resentments, grief, even fibromyalgia.

The applications of the techniques are now in 2 categories:

Developing Emotional Competence

When you learn and use the Pure Awareness Techniques you begin to develop a much greater level of emotional competence. Becoming Emotionally Competent means being able to recognize and distinguish between emotions that are useful and those that are not as shown in the Types of Emotions Chart on this page – the Pure Awareness Techniques.

Our upgraded definition of emotional competence means that you know the IN Technique and OUT Techniques and how and when to use them to completely resolve not-useful emotions.

This is very powerful. For the first time in human history we now have the technology for coming out of the grip of emotions. You don’t have to continue to live as the victim of your emotions any more. And the techniques are simple. They are not difficult to learn or use. As mentioned previously, learning them teaches you how to do some things that are the exact opposite of what you have been deeply conditioned to do your whole life.

And as you use the Inner Guidance App you will easily get the idea of how to guide yourself through the techniques even without the app but you can continue to use the app on your computer, smart phone or tablet for as long as you like for free. It’s our intention to remove the pain of the world so because we want as many people as possible to learn how to resolve their emotional pain we want this great resource to be available to everyone who would like to use it. Let you friends and family and colleagues know that this is available for free.

Now you don’t have your thinking and decisions and actions be so controlled by your emotional reactions any more. You may not have realized it because you don’t really have any other frame of reference. But a lot of your life is just you reacting to situations with deeply conditioned habitual behaviors.

But now, you don’t have to be limited by your unresolved emotions and habits from the past. You don’t have to opt for addictive behaviors or turn to drugs or alcohol to escape feeling bad or stressed or traumatized. Now it is possible to learn how to resolve your stress and emotional pain quickly and thoroughly.

If there is anything in life worth learning it is to learn and use the Pure Awareness Techniques. Doing so will liberate you from suffering, give you consistent access to your inner greatness and finally help you to have the life of your dreams… in fact it will give you a life you couldn’t even dream of having before now.

To learn how to get the most out of learning and using the Pure Awareness Techniques and the other amazing resources of Inner Greatness Optimizing see the Programs and Services available at our Inner Greatness Centers.

Enjoy a new life for freedom from pain and suffering! 

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