The LOCATE Technique

How to get access to the energy of emotions when you can’t get it through talking about it or thinking about it.  


The LOCATE Technique

Sometimes we have buried the emotional energy pattern inside so well that it is really suppressed and well hidden. Everyone gets good at doing that after all because we really don’t like feeling emotional pain. No one does. So you get good at sweeping the emotional pain under the rug so that you don’t have to feel it. But the problem is that it’s still under there. It’s still held in your body and under certain circumstances it can get triggered and it can certainly be another factor contributing to your having lots of emotionally based thoughts that keep you from experiencing Pure Awareness.

When there are residual patterns of emotional energy held in the body that are difficult to get access to there is a simple way to be able to bring them into awareness. It is called the LOCATE Technique. In our older HSE language we called it the GPS Technique. The acronym stands for Gentle Provocation System. The LOCATE Technique is used as a kind of vacuum cleaner for cleaning up any residual emotional energy of incomplete experiences when it is otherwise not easy to determine if something is still held in your system or not. There are four different version of it depending on whether it is for preparing to do the IN Technique or the OUT Technique and also if it is the first time you are doing it or you have done it before. Choosing the right one each time you use it will be obvious.

Here are the links to the different versions of the LOCATE Technique.


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