Vaporize Your Fibromyalgia

A new way to really get rid of your fibromyalgia pain has  been discovered.

Thousands of people have learned how to do this and you can too.

Watch this video to learn how it works!


You can get the app in the app store for your phone or tablet (very soon if the app store links aren’t here or active yet) or you can use the version that’s right on this web page.

Welcome to the Vaporize Your Fibromyalgia App

Preparation for Using This App

This unique app is designed to allow you to guide yourself through a series of audio instructions for doing the Pure Awareness Techniques. The Pure Awareness Techniques are a new technology for powerfully and permanently resolving fibromyalgia and many other problems. Each technique has it’s own series of audio instructions. In order to have the audio instructions play smoothly without interruption the software is set to download the full sequence of audio clips when you click on the DOWNLOAD button.

The Audio Instructions Downloading Process

This downloading process will take from a few seconds to a minute or two per technique depending on the speed of your internet connection. However, you only have to do this once as the audio clips are then held in the cache of your computer, smart phone or tablet. It is highly recommended that you download all of the audio clips for the techniques listed at the beginning of the application for each topic such as Depression or Anxiety, etc. When all of the audio clips have been successfully downloaded to your computer and/or mobile device the techniques are then “activated” and ready to play.

The downloaded files are shared by most of the applications so if you use the techniques elsewhere on the site, once they are activated here they will also be activated anywhere else that you use them.

***Please note***

This is different on a phone or tablet. Phones and tablets typically don’t allow the sharing of audio files between apps so if you get more than one Inner Guidance app for your mobile device you’ll have to download the audio instructions for each app that you get and keep on your phone or tablet.

Choose Female or Male Voice

Choose if you want the instructions in a female or male voice and then click on the links below to access the page for each technique. Then click the START button to activate it and download the audio clip sequence for that technique. Do that for each of the techniques you will be using and then you’ll be prepared to get started.

The techniques needed for this app are –

Female Voice

The IN Technique (the first way)

The OUT Technique





Male Voice

The IN Technique (the first way)

The OUT Technique





The Buttons

Once the downloading process is complete you can start to use the techniques. To use the techniques you have to first be able to feel the sensation of the energy of the emotion that needs to be resolved. The instructions on the web page for each application explains how to do that. Once you can feel the energy field of the emotion you start guiding yourself through the appropriate technique by clicking or tapping on the button labeled “START,” The button will then change to the word NEXT and you advance through the audio instructions by clicking on the NEXT button for each new instruction.


Each time you click the NEXT button you get the next audio instruction for that technique. This allows you to hear the next instruction in your own timing. You take whatever time you need to follow each instruction and have the resulting experience. Then when you are ready for it you click for the next instruction.

Vaporizing Your Fibromyalgia

You are about to learn how to resolve your Fibromyalgia. This is going to take learning to do some things that are the exact opposite of what you have been doing your whole life. You’ve been suppressing the pain that’s at the basis of your Fibromyalgia. This habit keeps you locked into having Fibromyalgia pain and not knowing how to come out of it.

Useful and Not-useful Emotions

This typically means that you will have the Painful/Internal type of emotional energy patterns held in your body. Here’s a diagram of the different types of disruptive emotional energies.


Suppressed Traumas

Fibromyalgia pain is typically in the category of Painful/Internal. It is usually caused by suppressed traumas. With the Vaporize your Fibromyalgia app you are going to learn how to resolve this kind of energy… completely.

The key to being able to breakthrough and finally get rid of your Fibromyalgia is to approach it on a new level… on the level where it really lives.

It is the energy of unresolved traumatic experiences that give the trauma its life. When the energy is gone, the trauma is gone and the pain along with it. The circumstances of what happened in the past may still be there but the “charge” of your emotional reaction to those circumstances will be gone. It becomes neutral and that area of your body becomes pain free.

What doesn’t work

What you’ve done in the past hasn’t been working so we need to approach it in a new much more highly effective way.

You already know about things that don’t work.

  • Drugs don’t work
  • Traditional psychology doesn’t work
  • Trying to just ignore it doesn’t work

You need something new. And fortunately you have found it!


Most people report that chemical approaches of using pain medication don’t work or if they do help it is only partial or temporary symptom relief. You have to keep taking them and the drugs typically have negative side effects. When you stop taking the drugs you still haven’t really dealt with the disruptive emotional aspect of the problem that is its true basis. So typically the Fibromyalgia pain comes back.


Traditional therapy approaches the problem through the mind. We all know people who’ve gone to traditional therapy for years and still have their problems. There’s something missing with this approach.

Intellectual Understanding 

What’s missing is that at its real essence, Fibromyalgia pain is the experience of a pattern of energy. Intellectually understanding why you have it or where it is coming from doesn’t get rid of the energy or the pain.

Fibromyalgia Pain is Made of Energy

So the new approach that you are going to learn from this app is how to effectively resolve the disruptive emotional energy that IS what the Fibromyalgia pain is made of. Then the pain will be gone… permanently!

The ACE Study

A recent very large study called the ACE study was done at Kaiser Permanente in Southern California. ACE stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences. The ACE study  that makes it clear that the real underlying cause of many diseases, including fibromyalgia, is unresolved traumas from childhood. The study found that such traumas are far more common than the medical profession had previously realized. There’s more information about the ACE Study here – ACE Study.

I know that it sounds too good to be true… but it is true. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just use the app, follow the instructions and see for yourself!

The app is going to show you how to resolve the kinds of energy patterns that cause your Fibromyalgia pain. You’re going to learn how to allow yourself to feel the energy of your old unresolved emotional pain that is at the real root of your Fibromyalgia. And once you learn how to locate the emotional energy and feel it, you’ll learn how to put your attention right into the center of the most intense part of the energy field of the old emotional pain and how to completely resolve it.

Making Sure You Got It All

When the emotional pain is gone it will be a good idea to open your eyes and take a little break. At that point you will do a simple exercise to make sure that the problem is really resolved. Just close your eyes for a moment and feel the area of your body where you were previously feeling the pain that you just worked on. Is there any pain left?

If not, that means you got it!

If you have any trouble with doing the IN Technique on your own using the app, you can get 1-on-1 personalized coaching by contacting using our online booking system at the bottom of this page.

You Are About to Start the Techniques

Here’s what you are going to do –

You first have to simply allow yourself to feel the energy field of one of the areas of pain in your body. Start with one that is really “calling” to you. It doesn’t matter which one it is, the process is going to be the same for each one, one at a time.

To start the appropriate app, select if you want the instructions in a female or male voice and then click the appropriate link below. You will immediately get a new screen with two large buttons on it. The one on the top says – START. The one below it says REPLAY.

When you click on the START button the button will change to the word NEXT and you will hear the first audio instruction that will tell you to close your eyes. This is because these techniques are easiest to do with your eyes closed. The buttons are big enough that you can just keep your thumb (for smart phones) or the mouse cursor right over the button and keep clicking on it for the next instruction even with your eyes closed. If you need to hear an instruction over again, just tap the REPLAY button. It only replays the last instruction.

Let’s Get Started

You can choose to hear the instructions in either a Female or Male voice. Make sure that other high bandwidth uses of your internet connection are NOT running, like someone watching a movie on line or playing an internet based game – make sure that you have good bandwidth so that you don’t interrupt the streaming audio of the instructions.

The IN Technique – Female voice

The IN Technique – Male voice

When you have finished resolving one of the areas of pain, open your eyes.


You just vaporized the stresses that have been causing one of the areas of your Fibromyalgia pain.

If you are having success with getting rid of your Fibromyalgia pain using the Vaporize Your Fibromyalgia app then you can continue to use it until all of your pain is really gone.

Getting More Support

If for any reason you have any difficult with doing any of the techniques on your own via the app, don’t worry. This is quite common. Remember that you have a lifetime of doing the exact opposite of what’s needed. So if you have any problem with it there’s no need to give up or think you can’t do it.

What you probably need is just a little help from someone who is really familiar with doing this and with guiding others through the process. We can only do so much with a recorded app, even as good as the Inner Guidance App system is. If you’d like some additional support, you can get personalized help from a Certified Inner Greatness Coach by booking a 1-on-1 coaching session using the on-line booking system at the bottom of this page.

If you aren’t sure whether you would benefit or not from some 1-on-1 coaching you might like to read this article about some of the reasons and details of why and how our Certified Inner Greatness Coaches can help you get the breakthroughs you really need – Getting the Breakthroughs You Need!

We look forward to helping you to become pain free.

You can also use our other free apps and recommend them to friends and family.

Please spread the word via your social media, email lists, any support groups or forums for people with Fibromyalgia about these great free resources and help us to fulfill our mission of removing the pain of the world.

May you enjoy life completely free of Fibromyalgia pain! 


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