The Extraordinary Performance Program

Welcome to the Extraordinary Performance Program

This is a new, unique and highly effective way to upgrade your personal performance so that you can make the optimal contribution to your organization and have optimal performance in several important areas of your work and your life. If you have ever wished that you could be a top performer in your organization and in your life, now there is an innovative way to have this happen. The Extraordinary Performance Program uses a new technology of personnel development called Inner Greatness Optimizing. Now you can become a top performer. And if you are already a top performer you can become a superstar.

Tom Stone, Founder of Inner Greatness Global and the creator of the Extraordinary Performance Program has discovered exactly what the bugs are in people’s inner human software and how to find and fix these bugs with unprecedented speed, thoroughness and permanence.

The results are truly extraordinary. Qualities and attributes that have been thought to be difficult or impossible to change have now become as easy to change as dragging files to the recycle bin. These changes are not superficial. They address and resolve deep patterns of conditioning that limit you without your even knowing that this is happening. One of the positive side effects of being “debugged” is that it will not only optimize your performance at work but it will also upgrade many of the qualities that will allow you to greatly increase the enjoyment of your personal life as well.

How it works

In the Extraordinary Performance Program each participant is taken through a process using a special testing method called Intuition Testing. Computer software engineers have tools for finding the bugs in computer code. Like that, Inner Greatness Optimizing is a new form of Human Software Engineering and it uses tools for finding and fixing the bugs in people’s inner human software. An orientation to the new tools and methods of Human Software Engineering is provided below.

An index of 21 of the most important attributes of top performers follows. Each participant in the Extraordinary Performance Program will be tested by a Human Software Engineer (HSE) to determine the current degree that the you are exhibiting optimal performance on a scale of 0 to 100 for each attribute.

The 21 Attributes of Extraordinary Performance

  1. Adaptability
  2. Authenticity
  3. Collaboration and Cooperation
  4. Communication
  5. Creativity and Innovation
  6. Decisive Action from Clarity
  7. Emotional Competence
  8. Empowerment and Self-sufficiency
  9. Ethics and Integrity
  10. Focus and Presence
  11. Initiative
  12. Masterful Enrollment
  13. Masterfully Navigates Uncertainty
  14. Open Minded
  15. Planning and Coordination
  16. Presentation Excellence
  17. Productivity
  18. Serving and Supporting
  19. Stays Balanced Under Stressful Situations
  20. Thinks Outside the Box
  21. Trusts and Acts on Intuition

This assessment will clearly indicate which attributes are in greatest need of upgrading. For example some people will need work on being upgraded for optimal communication where as someone else may need more work on the ability to be focused and present. Rarely is anyone at 100% for any of these attributes. Top performers are just better than average but not necessarily living and expressing their full potential. The assessment thus provides the basis for debugging and upgrading you to optimize your inner human software for each of the tested attributes of top performance.

Once the appropriate sequence of attributes has been identified in the performance upgrade plan, the HSE will then identify exactly what the specific inner human software bugs are that are keeping you from functioning at less than 100% for the first extraordinary performance attribute.

Next the HSE will guide you through the process of “debugging” the bugs in your inner human software to move you up the index towards 100%. In most cases participant’s inner human software can be debugged, upgraded and optimized so that they can then operate at 100% for any given attribute. This usually occurs in 1 to 3 individual sessions. Sometimes more than one attribute can be debugged during one session.

Once the first attribute has been optimized to 100% the HSE will then test for the next optimal attribute to be optimized and proceed with the same debugging and upgrading process for each attribute until every one of these 21 attributes of being a top performer has been upgraded to 100%.

This is a new technology. Nothing like it has every existed before. Problems and challenges that you have had that you know about will be vaporizing. And problems that you have but were not necessarily fully aware of will be identified and debugged as well. This process is going to have a profound effect both on improving your productivity as well as your ability to enjoy your work and your life.

Introduction and Orientation to Human Software Engineering

Tom Stone has been pioneering the New Science of Human Software Engineering since 1994. Human Software Engineering (HSE) is an emerging field that views the body and everything in it as patterns of energy and information.

Everyone’s conditioning and inner conflicts are held in our bodies as patterns of energy and information. Intellectual understanding and will power alone are typically ineffective at removing these energy patterns. Just as intellectually understanding that you have a virus on your computer doesn’t get it off of the hard drive. You must run the appropriate anti-virus software to remove the electro-magnetic charge that “is” the virus.

When we are not getting the output we want, such as optimal productivity, health and wellness, financial success, fulfilling relationships, etc., HSE looks to find the “bugs” in the inner human software that are sabotaging the desired output. HSE has discovered the nature of inner human software and how inner human software can be debugged and upgraded.

As an analogy with computers, the software controls the hardware or output. With humans it is similar. Our inner human software is made up of our thoughts, emotions, conditioning, traumas, identifications, intentions, etc. and it largely determines what we do – our output.

Like with computers, if you have a “bug” in your inner human software, typically intellectually understanding what it is, doesn’t remove it. You have to run the human equivalent of anti-virus software.

So the first task in the development of HSE was to figure out exactly what the bugs are in our inner human software. With extensive and unique research conducted by Tom Stone, he discovered exactly what our inner human software bugs are and how to debug them… permanently.

Why the New Science of Human Software Engineering is so unique and powerful!

The New Science of Human Software Engineering has discovered that the “bugs” in our inner human software exist as conflicts between what we “think” and what we “know”.

When people want to change something in their life the traditional approaches include such things as personal development books, seminars, coaching and psychology. Most people report that the results of these methods are often less than fully satisfactory. We all know people who have gone to conventional therapy for years and still have their problems.

Why is that?

What we think is stored in our mind. It’s our cognitive database. What we experience is stored in our body. That’s our experiential database. We “know” things by directly experiencing them. For example, you can’t know what a strawberry tastes like until you have taken a bite.

This means that our “knowing” resides in our body. When you think something but you have experienced something else there is an inner conflict. Such conflicts cloud decision making and result in ineffective action.

The reason that traditional approaches are not that effective is that when you use only mental methods you are only dealing with half of the equation. You only get access to your “thinking” not your experiential “knowing”.

In HSE we use new techniques that allow us to find the conflicts between what you think (your cognitive database) and what you “know” through direct experience (your experiential database). In addition, HSE has developed new techniques that fully and permanently resolve these inner conflicts so that you get the output/results in your life that you really want. HSE liberates you from the powerful influence of your conditioning that has been limiting you and sabotaging your life.

This is why with HSE we can identify and resolve inner conflicts that traditional approaches can’t access. HSE clients consistently report that just one session of HSE was worth more to them than 5 years of traditional coaching or therapy. And this is why with HSE we get lasting breakthroughs in areas where it has been difficult or impossible to get them in the past.

Here’s an example: Angela had horrific nightmares for 8 years. In just one session of HSE her nightmares were gone that night and haven’t come back. See a short video testimonial about her experience of HSE here.

HSE is so different from anything you have experienced before that you can’t really understand it without experiencing it. You will be experiencing it as you begin this program. The additional information on this web page will give you a basic orientation and introduction to HSE and the techniques that you will be learning and using during this program.

HSE has a unique set of concepts, models, techniques and tools that now make it possible to rapidly and thoroughly “debug” and “upgrade” your inner human software. The combination of these new resources now make it possible to solve problems and make changes that were difficult or impossible to change in the past. Here are brief explanations of some of the main models and tools of HSE:

  • The Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning
  • The Pure Awareness Techniques
  • The Intuition Testing Tool
  • The Where to Start Chart
  • The Types of Emotions Chart
  • The Basic Inner Greatness Optimizing Protocol
  • The Quantum Energy Optimizer (QEO) Technology

There is an important purpose to each of these HSE tools. Each of these unique tools, models and concepts of HSE that are briefly described below.

The Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning

This set of insights provides the answer to the question – What’s really going on? It makes conscious the unconscious patterns of conditioning that are mostly pre-verbal. This is an essential tool for getting to the real underlying basis of any problem.

The Pure Awareness Techniques 

The Pure Awareness Techniques provide precise, simple and powerful tools for resolving the two kinds of not-useful emotions. They are unique in the personal development/coaching world. They are experiential. They resolve the energy of the not-useful emotions quickly and thoroughly and most importantly they bring you to a state of Pure Awareness at the conclusion of the technique.

The Intuition Testing Tool

This tool makes intuition something that can be used systematically and reliably. It transforms intuition from not being sure about it to being crystal clear about what you are testing. The importance of the learning and using of this tool is that it allows the HSE sessions to be guided by the “knowing” in the body rather than by our “thinking” which tends to be influenced by emotionally reactive thoughts.

The Where to Start Chart

This model combined with Intuition Testing allows you to know at what level the problem really can be solved. It helps to avoid pursuing a path of intervention based on your training and assumptions and instead again let’s the “knowing” of the body guide the selection of the optimal techniques to be used for each situation. It is the starting point of any HSE session.

The Types of Emotions Chart

This model makes the discrimination between useful and not-useful emotions and shows the structure of the categories of the not-useful emotions and which Pure Awareness Techniques are used for resolving them.

The Basic IGO Protocol

The IGO Protocol is a systematic series of steps that are guided by use of Intuition Testing. This systematic process helps to insure a positive outcome of every HSE session.


Benefits from Inner Greatness Optimizing

  • Resolves a wide range of problems that were difficult or impossible to solve in the past such as trauma, anxiety, stress, burnout, depression, grief, addictions, nightmares, anger, disappointment, frustration, resentments and more.
  • Is fast and cost effective
  • Creates self-sufficiency
  • Creates peace of mind and powerful self-expression
  • Creates clear thinking and decision making
  • Turns average performance into extraordinary performance
  • Develops powerful presence and authenticity
  • Produces permanent results


Learning and Using the Pure Awareness Techniques


There are eight Pure Awareness Techniques but the ones that you will be using most frequently during your Extraordinary Performance program are – QUIETNESS, IN, OUT and LOCATE.

We now have a great way to learn these techniques with our Inner Guidance app system. This system allows you to guide yourself through these techniques via interactive audio instructions either from here on this web site or in for most of the techniques you can get them for your iPhone.

The QUIETNESS Technique

The QUIETNESS Technique simply guides your awareness to notice itself. Your awareness is the essential nature of what you are. It is the part of you that makes it possible to experience everything. All of your thoughts, feelings and perceptions occur in your awareness. Without awareness you are either asleep or dead. Your awareness is the silent background in which all of your thoughts and perceptions occur. To experience it is very simple. All you have to do is to take a few moments to notice your thoughts and then look off to the side of your thoughts and notice the background of silence in which your thoughts are occurring.

Learning to Feel the Energy of Emotions In and Around the Body

Once you have a pretty good sense of the background of silence, Pure Awareness, the next step is learning how to feel emotional energy in and around your body. You can do that by thinking of something that happened that was stressful or overwhelming and when you think of this situation you still feel some stress or emotion about it.

Pretty much immediately the body will show you some kind of sensation. This will be the energy of the emotional reaction to this situation. It will either be a kind of knot or ball of energy inside your body that might even be painful, or it may seem like a cloud or aura of energy that radiates out from the body and fills up the space around you.

If it is localized inside the body it will often be held somewhere towards the center of the body, in the solar plexus, belly or chest. It can be anywhere but these places seem to be very common locations for storing our emotional energies from the past. This is most likely a candidate for the IN Technique as it is probably an incomplete experience.

If the energy field seems to radiate out into the space around you and surrounds and engulfs you this is more likely to be a OUT Technique energy field. Some emotions will have both IN and OUT Technique components to their energy and you will need to do both techniques to fully resolve the emotion.

If when you think of something stressful or emotionally painful and you don’t feel any sensation or energy, try thinking of something else that has more of a remaining emotional charge to it. When you find something that does have an emotional charge to it, just allow yourself to feel the sensation of the energy of the emotion. Some people need special attention to this step when they have become really masterful at emotional suppression.

If what you thought of was something emotionally painful or even traumatic from the past, this will most likely be a IN Technique energy field and will be one of the kind that are more localized inside the body.

If what you thought of was more of a Reactive Emotion, meaning either a reaction to an unmet expectation or the projection of a negative outcome onto the future then your reaction will very likely produce more of a IN Technique energy field like a cloud or aura of energy all around you.

Here’s a chart that shows these two categories of “not-useful” emotions.

The Types of Emotions Chart


Some people are very easily pushed into being overwhelmed by their emotions, especially if they have had some trauma or grief that is still strongly present in the body. This may require special attention too. What’s needed in this situation is to learn to adjust how close your awareness is to the emotional energy field. When you are too close you can get sucked into the energy, collapsing into it you get overwhelmed and swept away into crying.

Training in this first level of emotional competence of learning to feel the energy of emotions in and around your body is especially for those who either have difficulty allowing themselves to feel the emotional energy at all or have a strong habit of collapsing into the emotional energy and being overwhelmed by it.

If you fall into either of these categories then you will work with your Certified Inner Greatness Optimizing Coach to learn the basic skills of how to feel the energy of emotions in and around your body as a pre-requisite for starting the Extraordinary Performance Program.

Learning how to fully resolve “not-useful emotions”

Once you have overcome the conditioning of emotional suppression and overwhelm you will be able to allow yourself to feel the energy of emotions in and around your body much more easily than in the past. Then you are ready to learn the IN and OUT Techniques. As you can see on the Where to Start Chart, these are the two techniques for resolving the two databases of not-useful emotions.

The following are the full explanations of how to do these two techniques.

Learning the IN Technique

What is needed is an efficient way to complete the incomplete overwhelming emotional experiences from the past. The IN Technique is the most efficient way I have found for doing this. It is a process of doing the opposite of what we are conditioned to do. We are conditioned to go away from where the energy of emotional pain stored in the body is the most intense. During the IN Technique you dive right into the center of the most intense part of the energy of the incomplete emotional experience that is held in your body.

Allowing yourself to feel into the most intense part of the energy of an incomplete experience of emotional intensity is VERY different than simply “feeling your feelings.” It is as different as a laser beam is from a flashlight beam. Laser beams can be so powerful that they can cut through very hard materials. A flashlight can penetrate the darkness but it doesn’t cut through anything.

Like that the process of just feeling the energy of a feeling in your body is an inefficient way to complete incomplete intense emotional experiences. The IN Technique however is laser like. It penetrates down into the heart of the most intense part of the energy of the incomplete experience. This allows you to rapidly and thoroughly complete the experience of the energy that is held there.

Imagine for a moment that your suitcases filled with incomplete emotional pain from the past form a layer of energy between you and the continuous experience of Pure Awareness. This layer of energy is like a layer of cheese between you and Pure Awareness. Each time you use the IN Technique to complete one of your incomplete intense emotional experiences you have made a hole in the cheese. It has become more Swiss cheese like. The idea is to keep making holes in the Swiss cheese until it is all holes and no cheese and the Pure Awareness shines through unobstructed.

There are two ways of doing the IN Technique. They are both explained below. The first way is good to practice for sometime until you get used to feeling the most intense part of the energy fields of emotions. When you have become good at noticing the most intense part of the energy field you can then learn the second way that is like diving into the eye of a hurricane. Here’s the explanation of how to do the IN Technique the first way.

The First Way of Doing the IN Technique

Remember that IN Technique energies are incomplete experiences from the past that were just too much to process in the moment when they happened. So there is a residue of emotional energy stored in the body that needs to be completed. When we talk about completing the emotional experience, this doesn’t have anything to do with the situation or circumstances of what happened. I don’t mean completing some action or task. It doesn’t mean forgiving someone else or yourself. I mean completing the experience of the emotional energy that is still held in the body. This is quite independent of the circumstances that caused the initial reaction. Those circumstances are long over. It is the unresolved emotional energy that is continuing to live on.

When you start the IN Technique you will find it easiest to do with your eyes closed. You can do that and practice the technique after you have read through the explanation if you wish. Your Human Software Engineer who will be taking you through the Extraordinary Performance Program will help you to learn how to do the techniques as well so you don’t have to learn them all by yourself from this introductory material. But if you want to learn to do them prior to starting the program you can do so by following the instructions below and also by using the Inner Guidance Apps that you will find on our free membership site at Inner Guidance App.

The efficient way to complete the incomplete experience is to bring your awareness as close to the energy field of it as possible but not so close as to become overwhelmed by it.

The idea of being able to adjust how close or far from the energy field you are with your awareness is a new idea for many people. Most people are somewhat fixed in how close or far from the energy they allow themselves to be.

Think of the energy field as being a location on a map. And you are using a computer mapping program like Google Maps to view it. Getting closer to the energy field is like “clicking in” for a closer view. Click in as close as possible without getting so close as to be overwhelmed.

Doing the technique properly involves learning to adjust your awareness to the optimal distance from the energy field AND allowing yourself to simply notice the strongest area of the energy field, the place where the energy is the most intense or concentrated. It is usually towards the center.

Once you get your awareness adjusted to the right distance and you are simply noticing the strongest area of the energy field, that’s all you do, just notice it.

When you do this you are doing something that is the opposite of what you are use to doing. Normally you take your awareness as far away from the center of intensity as possible. Of course bringing your awareness close to the energy field like this will make it seem quite a bit stronger than normal because you are so used to staying as far away from it as you can get.

Something you will find when you do this the first time is that… it doesn’t kill you! The energy may seem intense but you will find that it is quite possible to just notice the center of intensity of the energy field and it really isn’t all that difficult to do this.

Usually people experience that the energy field seems quite strong for a while. It may seem to stay more or less the same level of intensity for some time. But if you just stay with it, just continuing to notice the strongest area of the energy field and not trying to do anything to it or make it go away, gradually the energy will start to soften and become less intense.

When you notice that the energy has become a bit less intense the next step is to bring your awareness even closer to whatever remains of the energy. Again this is the opposite of what we are deeply conditioned to do.

Again when you get closer to it, the energy will seem stronger again, even though it is actually less strong than when you started. It seems stronger because you are closer to it not because it has suddenly increased in intensity. Again it may stay more or less the same for a time but eventually it will again begin to soften and become less intense.

Each time the energy softens, bring your awareness closer to it. Keep doing this again and again until when you click in you can’t find anything.

When you have felt the energy of the incomplete experience so thoroughly that there is nothing left to feel, it is no longer an incomplete experience. You just completed it.

When the experience of the energy is complete the experience of what’s happening will change. It will feel like the energy is dissipating, moving away, kind of like the fog burning off in the morning sunlight. As the energy disappears you will find yourself in a quiet expansive place. This is Pure Awareness. It is the same silent background in which your thoughts were occurring. The energy of the incomplete experience was also occurring in this background of silence, we just arrived at it in a different way.

Each Pure Awareness Technique brings you to the state of Pure Awareness in a different way according to the needs of the particular situation that requires that specific technique. The thing that they have in common is arriving at the state of Pure Awareness as the end product of the technique.

This is a very important and perhaps profound difference between the Pure Awareness Techniques and most other techniques used for personal development. Bringing your awareness to a state of being in which problems do not and cannot exist is a powerful thing to do. In addition, thoroughly resolving the energy patterns that are blocking you from experiencing Pure Awareness in the process not only completely resolves the problem that the not-useful emotions was creating, it also permanently removes that particular block so that Pure Awareness is more present, more accessible each time you complete one of the techniques.

These distinctions put the Pure Awareness Techniques in a class all their own. The use of these powerful techniques is the fastest way to develop emotional competence and emotional mastery yet discovered. The Inner Guidance App for the IN Technique is here – IN Technique – The First Way

you can see a video example of a soldier who was traumatized by being in the war in Iraq be guided through the IN Technique on this web page – Video of how to get rid of startle response using the IN Technique

The Second Way of Doing the IN Technique

I highly recommend that you practice the first way of doing the IN Technique 10 to 20 times before attempting to do the technique the second way. Some people may be able to do it immediately but if not then take some time to really get good at allowing yourself to feel the center of intensity of the IN Technique energy patterns.

With lots of experience of doing the IN technique I found that every IN Technique energy field has a specific structure to it. The structure is like of a hurricane.

As you know hurricanes have something called the eye of the hurricane that is in the middle of the storm. The eye is a vortex that runs done the center of the hurricane. This is also the structure of many other natural phenomena such as tornadoes and vortexes in water like when water in a bathtub is running down the drain.

This natural structure is the structure of every IN Technique energy field. That means that when you get close enough to the top of a IN Technique energy field you can find a small opening that is the top of the “eye of the hurricane”. No one has known about this eye of the hurricane place in emotional energy fields because everyone has been so deeply habituated to go away from the energy field, certainly not closer to it. So no one has known that such a place exists. But it is there in every IN Technique energy.

The second or “more advanced” way of doing the IN Technique is to get so close to the energy field that you can find this opening at the top of the “eye of the hurricane”. You have to get very close in order to find it. Sometimes the opening can seem very small. But as you get closer and closer it becomes bigger.

What you do is to get close enough that you can dive in or jump into the opening at the top of this vortex. Once you are inside the vortex everything becomes calm. All around you there is the swirling energy of the hurricane-like structure of the IN Technique energy field. But inside the eye, it’s quite and calm.

You float down or glide down the center of the vortex until you come out the bottom. When you come out the bottom your experience changes and it again feels like you have come out into the expansive silence of Pure Awareness. The energy dissipates and moves away and it’s gone. Fortunately that one doesn’t come back.

As you are going down the center of the vortex you will be experiencing the energy of this particular IN Technique energy field just as it is sprouting into existence. The energy is just coming into manifestation out of the center of the vortex. This is the easiest place to capture the essence of the energy that the body is trying to give you. You get the essence of the experiential wisdom that the body wants you to have. This is the fastest and easiest way to complete the incomplete experience that the body has been holding there.

Once you learn to do the IN technique in this second way, most of the time you will be able to find the opening at the top of the eye of the hurricane. But sometimes if you can’t find it you can always use the first way. Both ways are equally effective for completing the incomplete experience. The second way does seem to usually be faster and easier so it is great to learn to how to do it too.

When you finish resolving a IN Technique energy with either version of the iN Technique it is good to do what we call a provocation test. This is to help make sure that you really resolved all of the energy. Think of the situation related to the IN Technique emotion. When you think of it, is there any pain? Is there any remaining emotional reaction?

Sometimes there will be still something left. This is often true in the beginning when people are first learning how to do the IN Technique. It is not uncommon for people to feel into the IN Technique energy for awhile and then start to feel better. Their conditioning of the resistance to feeling fully then kicks in and they feel… “OK, that’s enough of that.” And then they stop before the energy is really completed.

But it is really best to complete it because better is good but gone in optimal.

It can also happen that you may have more than one version of the energy stored in your body. This can be in layers in the same location or it can be that as you are feeling into the energy it seems to move. It is unlikely that the energy is moving. It is more likely that you have a “back-up copy” stored in a different location, as if on a different hard drive.

When you do the provocation test and there’s still some charge associated with the original situation then it is important to do the IN Technique again on whatever is left until there is no response to the provocation test. Do the IN Technique on whatever energy is there and then do the provocation test again until you get nothing.

Learning the OUT Technique

The OUT Technique energy fields are completely different than the IN Technique energies. Instead of feeling like the energy is inside of you, it seems more like it radiates out from the body and fills up the space around you. The energy fields of reactive emotions are not incomplete experiences. They are quite unlike the IN Technique energies. They are new patterns of energy that get activated by having a story about something running inside of you.

What happens is that you make up a story in your mind that is either an expectation or a projection of a possible negative outcome onto the future. These stories only exist in your mind, not in the real world. Because the stories only exist in your mind they cannot come true. This is why so often your expectations are not met. It is also why many times the things that you are anxious or worried about don’t happen.

The OUT Technique emotions are all emotional reactions to these stories that we are making up. We think something bad will happen and then we create the fear that it will actually happen. We want something to happen in our life and when it doesn’t we get upset, angry, disappointed, frustrated or sad.

The OUT Technique is used to resolve all such reactive emotions. Because the emotions are reactions to stories that we are making up in our mind we could say that all reactive emotions are illusory. They are emotional reactions to things that don’t really exist. As such, they are a complete waste of life energy. However, knowing this intellectually doesn’t stop you from creating these stories and reactions. This is because doing this is a deeply conditioned way of being. You learned it by growing up in an environment where everyone does this so you learned to do it too. And now it is a deeply conditioned behavior. However, you don’t have to stay stuck in these useless, energy-draining reactions any more. The OUT Technique is the way out.

Like with the IN Technique, it is easiest to do it with your eyes closed.

The OUT Technique is done by first noticing the reactive energy field. If you think of an important unmet expectation about which you still have some upset. Or if you think of something negative that you are projecting might happen in the future, you’ll be able to feel a cloud or aura of energy that radiates out into the space around you and engulfs you.

The technique starts with allowing yourself to feel that energy field. Once you can feel it, go see how big the field is. You can do that by letting your awareness move out into the space around you further and further until you come to the outer edge of the energy field where the energy fades off into the surrounding quietness.

Once you can sense the quietness, go a little further into it, a little further from the outer edge of the energy field. This will help to make the distinction between the energy field and the quietness even more clear.

Then go much deeper into the quietness. Go much further from the energy field, deep into Pure Awareness.

Then take a few moments to notice how simply vast and limitless the quietness is.

Now when you look back at the energy field of the reactive emotion that you were inside of just moments ago, notice what’s happening to it. In most cases you will find that it is shrinking, getting smaller or getting less dense.

At this point we want to challenge the usefulness, validity, relevance and value of having the story running in the background that is the basis of the reactive emotion.

Is the story really relevant to this moment in time? You’ll find the answer is “no”.

Is having this story and emotional reaction helping you to have the life that you want? Again you will find that the answer is “no”.

Is it a good investment of your life energy to be running this story and having this reaction? “no”.

Is there any reason that you would want to keep this story going in your life? “no”

And do you feel an increased sense of choice about whether you have to keep this story going or not? – Now the answer is “YES”.

At this point you can simply make a decision to stop the story and then the story and any remaining energy of the reaction to it collapse back into the nothingness out of which you created them in the first place.

When the energy is gone you can open your eyes.

After resolving a reactive emotional energy using the OUT Technique it is good to do a provocation test to make sure that you got all of the energy and it doesn’t come back. This is quite simple to do. Simply think of the original topic about which you were having a reactive emotion. Check to see if there is any emotional charge associated with the topic now. If there’s no reaction this means that you completed the OUT Technique successfully. If there is still some reaction, do the SEE Technique again on any remaining energy until you don’t get a reaction at all.


Learning the LOCATE Technique

There is a special way of access energy of repressed emotions when it isn’t easy to gain this access through talking about the issue. We call this technique LOCATE. The LOCATE Technique shows you immediately where the energy of the repressed emotion is being held in the body.

It is a way of gently provoking the energy so that we can feel it. This is needed because in order to complete an incomplete experience we have to allow ourselves to feel the energy. Only then can we complete it.

The LOCATE Technique can be used to locate the energy of either an IN or an OUT Technique energy field in your body when it isn’t so easy to bring it to awareness simply by talking about it. You can use this even if you don’t know the cause or source of the energy.

Here are the Inner Guidance App techniques for



The technique starts by doing the QUIETNESS Technique. Once you access the background of silence in which your thoughts occur by doing the QUIETNESS Technique, you simple tell your body to show you the energy of a IN Technique energy field related to the topic you are working on. When the body shows you where the energy is located you then shift immediately to the IN technique to complete it.

In the same way you can use LOCATE to have the body show you a OUT Technique energy field. Just go into the background of silence and then tell the body to show you the OUT Technique energy field associated with the topic you are working on.

In both cases, pretty much immediately the body will show you the energy. When it does, shift to the appropriate technique and resolve the energy completely.

When the energy seems to be completely gone, use LOCATE again and make sure that there is nothing left. A good practice is to ask twice and get nothing in order to be sure that it is gone. Obviously if the body shows you some remaining energy do the appropriate technique again until there is nothing left.


The Barriers to Extraordinary Performance

Most of the things that are in the way of functioning at 100% for the attributes of being a top performer are patterns of conditioning that impact how you think, feel, decide and act. These patterns of conditioning are learned behaviors that are deeply ingrained in each of us. Much of the conditioning occurred in our very early development, even before we had developed language. HSE research has uncovered the nature of this early conditioning and we call the main and most basic patterns of this conditioning the Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning that has briefly been explained above.

When the behaviors that occur are expressed in business language we can call the Core Dynamics – The Barriers to Extraordinary Performance. Here’s a version of the Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning Model expressed in these terms.

Your HSE will use Intuition Testing and this model to find the conditioned responses that are undermining you and keeping you at less than optimal for whatever attribute you are working on. Then your HSE will guide you through the use of the appropriate Pure Awareness Techniques to resolve the underpinnings of the conditioning so that you don’t just do the old behaviors by default (without even realizing it) that you were doing before. You’ll be much more aware, much more conscious of the old behavior and be able to chose to now do things differently. In many cases this will free you to do things in ways that you would have liked to do but simply couldn’t do before. In other cases you’ll be learning to do new things that you didn’t even realize were possible previously.

The Qualities of Extraordinary Performance

Now however, you will start to function more naturally as an extraordinary performer. You will start to act more like this –


You will notice that these attributes of Extraordinary Performance are different than the list of 21 attributes of the Extraordinary Performance program. Although in both instances we are using the term “attributes”, the ones in the model above are the expression of what life can be like after debugging all of the patterns of conditioning that get in the way of being a top performer.

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