Our Mission – To Remove the Pain of the World

It’s a big mission! But amazingly enough we have new technologies that now make accomplishing this mission possible.

There are 2 main kinds of pain.

  1. Physical pain
  2. Emotional pain

And Inner Greatness Global has new technologies that resolve both kinds of pain more effectively than anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Physical pain

For the Physical pain we have a new physics based technology called the Quantum Energy Optimizer (QEO for short). It approaches the problem as a pattern of energy and using the principles of wave interference to pick up the energy pattern of the stress that is causing the pain, inverting the waveform of that cause, and sending the mirror image of the waveform pattern back to the body where it simply cancels it out. It’s a superb new application of the principles of wave interference from physics for getting rid of unwanted electromagnetic fields (and thus the pain) in the body. At this point this process is most effective for chronic pain, meaning pain that has been around for quite some time. Learn more about this amazing new technology here – QEO.

Emotional pain

For the Emotional pain we also have something amazing. It’s a set of experiential techniques called the Pure Awareness Techniques (also called the Inner Greatness Optimizing Techniques – IGO Techniques). I discovered these out of necessity. In 1993 I got shot in the chest by a deranged stranger with a .44 caliber handgun. I miraculously lived through it but was of course quite traumatized by the whole event. I didn’t buy the notion that PTSD was incurable so I did my own specialized research to find some new answer. It took a few years to discover it but I was very fortunate to get some amazingly simple insights about early childhood conditioning that sets us up for being emotionally incompetent.

These insights lead to the development of some very simple but very effective techniques with which I completely cured myself of PTSD. People just don’ t do that. It’s considered impossible. It is widely thought that you just have to learn how to cope with it. I’ve since helped many people completely recover from severe trauma, nightmares, flashbacks, startle response, anxiety, depression, etc.

I rapidly found that you didn’t have to have severe trauma to benefit from these powerful techniques. I also discovered that almost every problem that people have has some suppressed emotion at its basis. Learn more about these techniques here – Pure Awareness Techniques.

To make the QEO and the Pure Awareness techniques available and at the same time, to insure good quality control, Inner Greatness Global is setting up Inner Greatness Centers (IGCs) where these two technologies are available, all over the world.

Launched as of August, 2016 we have the first 10 centers open in different cities in China. Other centers will be opening at a rapid rate all over China, the USA, the UK and other countries during the coming months. See Locations for a current list of IGCs. As we establish thousands of IGCs all over the world we will be able to fulfill our mission of removing the pain of the world.

There are several ways to become involved.

  • You can take the Basic Inner Greatness Optimizing 4-day training and integrate the powerfully effective Pure Awareness Techniques into your work as a coach, therapist or other kind of practitioner.
  • You can become an Inner Greatness Center owner – to inquire about this program contact us via this form – Contact Us.
  • You can become an Inner Greatness Center Coach (IGCC) by first taking the Basic Inner Greatness Optimizing training mentioned above and then taking additional training reserved especially for IGCCs including training in how to use the QEO.
  • If you have a system for helping people and you would like to upgrade it to include IGO we are open to create collaborative programs to add the power of the Pure Awareness Techniques and the QEO to different kinds of programs in various fields. In addition, as our network of IGCs grows we will become a large distribution network for such collaborative programs. Contact Us to explore this possibility if you would like to super-charge what you are doing.
  • If you are interested in becoming involved in some other way to help with this grand mission, send us an email using the form here – Contact Us.

In addition, we are also making available a special way of learning the Pure Awareness Techniques that is free and you can do it right from your computer, tablet or smart phone. It’s an interactive guided audio program with which you can guide yourself through the Pure Awareness Techniques at your own pace. Learn more about the Inner Guidance App here – Inner Guidance App.

Using this App you can guide yourself through the resolution of Depression, Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Resentments, Stress, Nightmares and Grief. Just select which one you want from the Inner Guidance App drop down menu at the top of any page of the site. There will be detailed instructions and then access to the interactive audio system of the App. It’s a great way to get started learning and using the Pure Awareness Techniques.

And if you need human help you can book a private 1-on-1 session with a Certified Inner Greatness Coach here – Appointments

Welcome to Inner Greatness Global. We look forward to helping you remove the pain that’s both obvious and not so obvious. Emotional pain (either hidden or not) is really at the basis of just about every problem in your life. At the Inner Greatness Centers we know exactly how to access and resolve those emotions quickly, easily and permanently. This frees you from incredible limitations in your life that you aren’t even aware of. As you learn the techniques and clean up your inner emotional landscape you’ll get more and more access to your Inner Greatness.


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