Christine Silvey


Christine Silvey

Certified Inner Greatness Coach

Christine Silvey is a Breakthrough & Empowerment Expert, specializing in trauma recovery. As someone who grew up with abuse and trauma, helping people heal from their past and break free from the conditioning and behaviors it causes is the foundation of my work.

The saddest part about living with traumatic stress is that it diminishes lives. It creates an experience of life for many filled with overwhelm, depression, pain, anxiety, fear, disconnection, self-sabotage, feeling not good enough and/or feeling different. It’s hard to THRIVE living with that unresolved in the background, even if you are a high functioning individual, because the issues are in the tissues.

I know intimately the mind-body resistance that automatically comes up when we think of changing what’s deeply familiar – even when we desperately want change! – and I know how to guide you to create a safe experience of transformation so it can be easier and way faster than trying to white knuckle it alone.

I promise, your past does not need to hold you back any longer! You CAN heal and breakthrough to live a wholehearted life of courage, confidence, clarity, authentic self-expression, accelerated success -without the overwhelm, enjoying deep connections, love, prosperity and fulfillment. It takes work, but it is do-able and it IS worth it!

My personal transformational experience, along with formal training as a Master Certified Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Somatic Practitioner is what has allowed me to support my clients for the last 12 years with a powerful set of evidence-based interventions, tools and skills to make rapid transformational shifts in their own lives.

My life purpose and mission now is to support as many as possible (that includes YOU!) to break FREE and become the powerful, unstoppable, joy-filled human you are fully capable to be, and to accomplish what’s most important to you NOW…not later or never.

It’s YOUR time to live an uncompromised life with NO limits!

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