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This is a new, unique and highly effective way to upgrade every area of your life. It can make your experience of life better than you could have ever previously imagined. If you have ever wished that you could have some areas of your life be better now there is an innovative way to have just that. The Optimize Your Life Program uses a new technology of personnel development called Inner Greatness Optimizing. Now you can bring everything in your life up to optimal. And if your life is already really good this program will make it even better.

Most people live their lives as the product of their conditioning. This means that all sorts of learned behaviors tend to dominate how you function and experience your life. Whether it is self-sabotage or being perpetually disappointed or anxious, most people’s lives are far from optimal. And the strange thing is that we just put up with it and don’t even know that we are doing so.

Inner Greatness Optimizing is used to find and fix the problems that are interfering with your life being truly optimal.  The IGC researchers and creators of the Optimize Your Life Program discovered exactly what the bugs are in people’s inner human software and how to find and fix these bugs with unprecedented speed, thoroughness and permanence. The results are truly extraordinary. Qualities and attributes that have been thought to be difficult or impossible to change have now become as easy to change as dragging files to the recycle bin.

These changes are not superficial. They address and resolve deep patterns of conditioning that limit you without your even knowing that this is so. One of the positive benefits of going through the entire Optimize Your Life Program is that it greatly increases the quality and enjoyment of every area of your life, often in unexpected and delightful ways.

The program addresses eight major areas of life including:

  1. Spirituality
  2. Relationships
  3. Health & Wellness
  4. Work
  5. Play
  6. Sexuality & Pleasure
  7. Contribution
  8. Finances

Each of these categories of life is further subdivided into specific areas with a total of 75 areas of life that you can optimize. This program is designed to help you free yourself from your conditioning, habits and limitations so that you can become and live as the best expression of who and what you really are.

What to expect:

The free test measures the % to which you are expressing each of the 8 categories of your life optimally. When you take this program you get a more detailed assessment of all 75 areas of life which allows us to confirm which areas need the most attention.

We can tell from the test what the priority is for working on removing the barriers to living the optimal level of expression for all 75 areas of life and how to combine the QEO and the Pure Awareness Techniques to clear the limiting influences that have been getting in your way as thoroughly as possible.

The program is structured as a series of sessions in which we remove these limiting influences and optimize your life one area at a time. People who go through this process say that life becomes more and more wonderful as they truly begin to live the full potential of their inner greatness.

For the service fee check with your local IGC.

Results may vary.

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