Inner Greatness Energy Drops

Inner Greatness Energy Drops are a series of new products that make it possible to increase or decrease different energy patterns in the body.

We know from modern physics that everything is made of energy. We also know that subtle patterns of energy control all of the functions in the human body. Some of these patterns we are already very familiar with such as our heart beat or pulse and brain waves. But there are lots of subtler energy patterns in our bodies that either are natural ones that provide the “inner human software” that governs our metabolism, our digestion, our immune system, etc., etc.

Frequently there are also patterns of energy in the body that are unnatural and that don’t belong there. Some of these patterns of energy cause significant problems with health, wellness, personal productivity and comfort, etc. Some examples of such unnatural and unwanted energy patterns include things like:

  • There’s an inherited energy pattern that causes problems with focusing. In it’s more severe expressions it causes what we know as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyper-activity Disorder (ADHD)
  • It’s been discovered that allergic reactions to things like cow’s milk, wheat, pollens, dust mites, etc. turn out to be caused by patterns of energy that trigger a kind of stress reaction of the immune system that produces allergy symptoms
  • There’s a rapidly growing concern about radiation stress from mobile phones as the increase in brain cancer has skyrocketed since the introduction of mobile phones.
  • It turns out that addictions to things like nicotine are also caused by patterns of energy that generate craving of the addictive substance
  • There’s also a growing concern about problems with air pollution especially in industrial areas or big cities. The concern is with what is called PM 2.5 which are very tiny particles of toxic substances that the body has a difficult time purging from itself. It turns out that the thing that “locks’ the particles into the body is not just that they are small but also that the toxins have a subtle electromagnetic charge that binds them to the body’s tissues (think of a magnet on the door of your refrigerator).

Inner Greatness Global uses two amazing technologies for reducing the energy patterns that are the stresses that cause these kinds of problems. The main technology that is used for these kinds of issues is the Quantum Energy Optimizer (QEO).

It is possible to counter act these unwanted subtle patterns of energy either by having a session in person with a QEO at an Inner Greatness Center or by getting Inner Greatness Energy Drops that are made with a special process using the QEO to imprint the drops with the required highly specific energy patterns.

These Inner Greatness Energy Drops can be shipped anywhere and typically the imprinted energy patterns stay active for at least one year, Normally you are finished with using them well before that as in just a few days after receiving them.


Currently Inner Greatness Energy Drops are available for this issues:

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