Trish Sereda

Trish Sereda

Certified Inner Greatness Coach

With me…you will learn a new skill…perhaps the most powerful inner skill to release emotional pain and come into peacefulness that I know of. I learned these skills of awareness from Tom Stone many years ago and have actively practiced them in my life. I am now happier… more peaceful and most of all… I know exactly what to do …the moment i am triggered by something or someone in my world… and when I use these pure awareness techniques I come back to a sense of peacefulness and the voices in my head are quiet again. I had a lot of emotional pain in many areas… Now I am free of most of those painful emotions and reactions …did not believe it could happen …but it did…

You can learn to have your life naturally guided by your own inner knowing. These new skills will open up an easier and more enjoyable life for you. It is easy and painless, but it does require your inner willingness to learn… It changed my life…let it change yours … that is why I am here …to help you get really good at it …so then you are on your own with all of the guided apps as new tools to use to vaporize all your triggers.

I am so grateful that my intuition brought me to this knowledge… and now you are reading this… this is no accident… I am here to pass these skills on to you. It is the most powerful inner skill I know of… It opens all doors.

I received my human software engineer certification in 2007 with Tom Stone and have stayed active in practicing these skills on my clients and myself with great success.

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