Yan Muckle

Yan Muckle - Certified Inner Greatness Coach


Certified Inner Greatness Coach

My coaching work is all about allowing you to recover your freedom. Freedom from the stories and fears that limit you. Freedom to lovingly offer the world your most precious gifts. Freedom to create what calls to you. Freedom to be happy and relaxed no matter what. Freedom to love without restraint.

I have been coaching professionally since 2008, after getting trained by Tom Stone on the subtleties of the Inner Greatness Optimizing Techniques — and applying these powerful tools on myself to clear up most of my own “stuff”. Currently certified by the International Coach Federation, I still relentlessly seek mentorship and training from the best coaches in the world.

Past clients from five continents say that I offer:

  1. a soothing presence steeped in unconditional love
  2. humorous challenge of limiting stories and beliefs
  3. an uncanny ability to connect the dots and facilitate life-altering insights
  4. and elegant ways to free oneself up from old patterns

The experiences that most informed my current practice? Life as a writer and a solopreneur; fatherhood; long-term love relationships; extensive traveling; spiritual inquiry; and cancer.

As a multiple award-winning fiction and non-fiction author (in French, my mother language), I am also devoted to the writing path. I enjoy a stress-free, creative, joyful and love-filled life in Quebec City.

Sessions with me can be held in English or in French, via videoconference or phone. Let’s talk!


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